February 15, 2010

Are You Doing Your Part For The Kingdom? Do you even know what your part is?

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21 Songs of 21st Century Politics

Click on the link above and read the words to the songs. There is a world out there full of hurt, scared, and confused people. We wait for them to come in so we can “help and change them.” Well, that ain’t gonna happen, folks. Most of them would never darken the door of a church. We have the answer they are looking for, but we have to go out and reach them where they are!

W hat are you doing to reach the lost?  I don’t mean by giving money so that someone else can do it for you, but you, personally and actively   sharing the glorious, saving, delivering truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ with those that need to hear it?  It really is easy.  Let me show you how.

The next time you get back home from shopping, stop for a moment and consider this: How many people did you have the opportunity to witness to? So, how many did you pray with? Help financially (If you see someone just buying just one jar of baby food, insist that they allow you to buy them 10 more. “I would want someone to do this if it were my child/ grandchild, so please let me do this for you!” or, “I really need for G-d to do something for me, and if I don’t plant some seed, I won’t get my harvest. PLEASE don’t deny me my blessing.”  I have found that these work very well.), carry their groceries out, return their buggy, or help in some other way? Doing these things opens a door to witness! “Consider it a gift from Jesus. Are you a Christian?” “Jesus would have me do no less. By the way, do you know him?”   Feel free to use these “lines” at every possible opportunity!

There are so many out there for us to win, and so very little time left to us to do it. We must each and every one be pulling our weight if we are to get this job done; and it must be done before Jesus returns. I love to ask strangers if they are a Christian (or born again) whether it is a clerk in a store (if it is the cashier, you have a captive audience! She can’t leave!) or someone on the phone. Let that door open, and just watch me jump!

I know that I am pulling my weight for the Kingdom. Are you doing your part?

©Copyright 2010 Lisa Ritchey and Bare Bones Gospel


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