June 10, 2010

Worship: Honoring His Love

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Praise compared to Worship

Praise is a celebration of what Christ has done (is doing, will do) to, through, and for us.  Note: a celebration.  This means a party atmosphere such as gaiety, joy, exuberance in singing, dancing, hands raised, jumping, running, shouting.  These are all Biblical forms of praise.  (Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary defines “praise” in Psalms 149 and 150 as telling us to do these things in the Sanctuary, in the congregation of the Saints.  The Bible tells us to!)

Worship is just loving on Him to the point of the exclusion of all else.  In other words, nothing else matters.  One of the definitions for worship in the Strong’s Hebrew/Greek dictionary describes worship a to kiss toward, to lavish adoration on as from a dog toward it’s owner (my paraphrase of their definition).  Think of how a dog acts when its owner gets home at the end of the day.  NOTHING can draw that dog’s attention away from its owner.  It is running around, jumping on, licking, just pouring all of its love on them.  That is how we are to be toward God: not letting anything distract us from pouring our love out on Him.  And when we get to this point in worship, it is reciprocated.  This is worshiping in spirit and truth.  Only this way can we get into His sweet, Holy presence.  It does take time, so only those that are willing to put themselves and their agendas aside and seek His face, heart, and will (instead of just His works) become those that are willing to truly worship.

I can not get away from just how great (grand, large, all-encompassing, honestly forgiving, totally without limits or limitations, truly unconditional) God’s love is for us. (You gotta hear this!) No matter what we do, He still loves us.  Here is another song that explains it so beautifully.  I challenge you to play this song over and over.  If you don’t get into true, in-the-spirit worship when you hear/sing this song… Well, I won’t go there.

I plan on next time getting into what “let all things be done decently and in order” really means.  I promise most of you will truly be shocked!

Now, though, let us start truly put Him first, and spend time praising and worshipping Him in spirit and in truth!  Shalom

©Copyright 2010 Lisa Ritchey and Bare Bones Gospel

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