November 26, 2010

On This, Thanksgiving Day…

Posted in Christian Living, Christianity, Keys To The Kingdom tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , at 12:49 am by Lisa Ritchey

I subscribe via rss feed to the $5 dinner blog by Erin Chase.  She has some really good stuff there. Today she had something different: Today she had posted an article titled Gratitude – The Choice to Make this Thanksgiving

Whew! Or maybe I should say, “Ouch!” Or even, “Lord, please forgive me.” I have been where Erin is, though, (exactly, actually!) and so I will say, “A-men”. “You can not have a testimony without a test or a message without a mess.” “We go through things so we will be able to help others in the same situation.” It is an excellent article, and I hope that you will click on the article title above and read it. Come back and let me know how it affected you!

Remember all that He has done for you and Let every day be a day of thanksgiving.


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