January 21, 2011

What Is TRUE, BIBLICAL Revival?

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I love when we have guest speakers come in and people get saved.  That is great! ( Souls must be being saved.  Period.  If you are going to a church that has not seen anybody saved in years, RUN!!!)   I love it, also,though, when the Spirit of God moves and revival hits.  There is nothing in the world like it.  These are, however, two entirely different type of  events.  Let’s look at what that word revival actually means, Biblically.

Revive is from the Hebrew word châyâh (pronounced khaw-yaw’).  What this word actually means is to recover, repair, restore to life, God save (alive, life, lives),  surely, be whole.*  To “restore to life”; this means that one must have been brought to life once already, and needs it again.  This being true, then, revival is not for the lost, but for the believers, to bring them back to their original state, hopefully in Christ.  It would be similar to a dead man being revived with a defibrillator.  The Holy Ghost acts as that shot of power to restore the life.  Wow, I like that analogy!  That is really good, because that is just how it is.

During a true, Biblical revival, the Holy Spirit (the Power of God on the Earth) will call people to repentance, seek out those oppressed and in bondage and set them free, find the infirm and sick, and heal them. 

We were in a true, Biblical revival in East Calhoun for five years.  There was not one single service in all that time (and we had four services each and every week for the entire five years) that I walked out of that Church the same way that I walked in.  Something was changed each time.  Sometimes it was a major issue that was dealt with and I was delivered of, or, once, I remember that I started ironing.  I had not touched an iron in twelve years, and suddenly I was ironing everything I could find; clothes, aprons, tea towels, you name it! 

I have had my heart changed during those services.  Lying there in such an awesome presence of God, oh, my!  That is when He will gently show you things in your life that displease Him, and He will give you the desire and the ability to do and be different.  I guess the best way to describe what happens in revival is that we spend time under the power of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost will always, always point to Jesus.  It was during this revival that I truly fell in love with Jesus.  When that happened, there was absolutely nothing that He asked that I would not do for Him, nothing I would not give up.  That is a love like none on earth.  And one very often only realized in this type of revival.

Please bear in mind, though, that when this starts happening, others will be drawn to it.  Souls will be saved, too.  Revival also means to allow to live!

So, exactly what is going on in a real revival?

Many people will argue that it is unscriptural, but there are times when there will be no preaching.  God will just want to move upon His people.  I figure that He is God and He can do what He wants to when and how ever He chooses!  Preaching or not, the Holy Spirit is present because of the true Biblical praise that has gone up.  This is not 2 or 3 hymns and a “special” song or two, either.  We would praise for up to an hour, sometimes the entire service.  The preacher would then give his sermon, if one was given, at some point the offering was taken, then the altar call was given.   (We had thirty-two hundred first time salvations during that five years.  And that was just in the church during the services.  It was going out over the internet, so we don’t know how many were saved there.) There would be people lined up several deep in the altar area, with a line going down the middle aisle and often all the way down the long hall to the outer doors.  There would be hundreds in line.  As the pastor went to each one and spoke what the Lord would have him speak over them, the Holy Spirit would breathe on them.  Some would go down, many would not.  I was in that line if there was any possible way for me to be. 

There was such a peace there.  It had nothing to do with the person the Lord was using at the time, but the sweet, precious, touch of God’s power: the Anointing.  It is indescribable, but unforgettable.  I have been known to lie in the floor totally lost in the presence of God for hours.  I would live there if I could.  THIS is where one is changed, delivered, where one gets to truly, know the love of God.  Once you have tasted this type of intimacy with Him, you will never be satisfied with anything less.  Never! 

So many churches claim to be in revival, but their services are just like every other church’s services.  In true revival, the spirit is fed.  I came home from church many, many a night and never even thought of food, sometimes for a couple of days.  My spirit was so fed that I was truly walking in the spirit.  

When there is true, Biblical revival, people will come from all over the world for a taste, or a touch.  This is what the world is hungry for:  something out of the ordinary.  When churches stop being ashamed of  the Holy Spirit and His works and gifts, when they start being willing to become totally yielded to Him and do what He wants when He wants, and how He wants, revival will come.

What will happen then?  The lost will be saved, the alcoholics and drug addicts will be delivered (Jesus uses the anointing instead of a 12 step program, folks!), the sick will be healed, the lame and infirm will be raised up, and yes, the believers will be revived.

THIS is what I am waiting on.  THIS is what the Church is seeking.  THIS is what must be before Jesus returns. 

A yielded body is a willing bride.  WHEN will the Church leaders yield!?!?  Oh, I yearn for revival

[*] From the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary entry #2421


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