February 3, 2011

Sing Unto Him A New Song!

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G_d speaks to us in many ways; He will speak through a preacher.  He may give one person a word for someone else.  He drops things into our spirit, He speaks through His written Word (The Bible), and sometimes He speaks to us through music.

I very often wake up in the morning with a song in my heart that says exactly what I want to say to G_d, or what He wants to say to me.  The kicker is that it usually is not what most people would call a “Christian” song.  Below I will list some of these songs and what He was saying to me through them. You can listen to the songs by clicking on the titles.

I truly love this first song. How can anyone not!? I have been singing it for about two weeks now. Doesn’t this say it all? WOW!

PapaGene’s Blues 
by Michael Nesmith

No heartaches felt no longer lonely
Nights of waiting finally won me
Happiness that’s all rolled up in you

And now with you as inspiration
I look toward a destination
Sunny bright that once before was blue

I have no more than I did before
But now I’ve got all that I need
For I love you and I know you love me

So take my hand I’ll start my journey
Free from all the helpless worry
That besets a man when he’s alone

For strength is mine when we’re together
And with you I know I’ll never
Have to pass the high road for the low

I have no more than I did before
But now I’ve got all that I need
For I love you and I know you love me

(Play, Magic Fingers!)


(Oh, pick it, Luther!)

I have no more than I did before
But now I’ve got all that I need
For I love you and I know you love me
Yes, I love you and I… know… you….love….me!!!!!!!!

Papa Gene’s Blues lyrics © Screen Gems-emi Music Inc

I won’t leave the lyrics to this song. The title is self-explanatory: Hold On Girl, Help is on its way (Chorus)

One morning I got up hearing this one and realized that I had quit praising Him: This one will be a real mind-blower for many.  He said it, though, and it was true!

Once I started to halal again (praise with all you have, even dancing), in every store that we went into (literally!) we heard: Dancing Queen. This was because

  1. I praise Him with everything I have.  Yup, just like David.  Before I fell, I would sing, and shout, and dance, and jump, and whoop, and holler just as if I were at a UT football game.  I am believing that I will be able to again, one day.
  2. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I am not His child, but His bride.  I am His Queen!  I am very special.  I have the ear of the King.  (Do you want to know how to make the devils tremble when you get up?  Make sure that G_d gets excited and rejoices when you do!) 

Not long ago I was wondering if the time for my new venture was past, and if I “had missed it.” This is what He gave me to reassure me that I am still in His timing. (Listen to this and then tell me how can I not praise Him with everything in me?) Fool, If You Think It’s Over I still weep when I hear this. He spoke soooooooooooooooooo much to me through this one! Oh, my! I truly stand amazed at His love for me.

I hope that you are starting to see what happens when you realize that G_d does not speak “ye olde English”, but the languages of the 20 & 21st century, and the music.

If He is that “outside of the box” with this, what all is He trying to do in your life, Church, ministry, situation, etc. that you won’t let Him do because it does not look or sound like you think that it should?  He is G_d!  Take Him out of your little box and truly let Him  BE  G_d… however He chooses to do it!  Only then will you see the riches of His Kingdom and the fullness of His grace and glory.  Selah!


© Original content Copyright 2011 Lisa Ritchey



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