February 22, 2011

Why Does this Happen When Damon Thompson Preaches?

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I was not able to attend, but did watch live online as Damon Thompson preached possibly the most powerful sermon I have ever heard.  It was on the effects baptism should have on us.  If you go down dry and come up wet, and that is the only change, then something is terribly wrong.  Baptism is the dying of the old man – with all of his illnesses, infirmities, bad habits, etc., etc., etc., etc.  (Made new creations.) 

This was at Abbas House in Hixson, Tennessee with Pastor Ron Phillips.  Abbas House is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Association.
 Oh, I wish I could have been there!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how many first time conversions that there were, but two hundred and fifty-seven people were baptized, an awful lot of them were new converts.  This included the entire football team of one of the local High schools, many of whom had just gotten saved.

The pastor’s son, Ronnie J., was baptizing as usual, then they got the Youth Pastor, P.C., up there, too.  P. C.  is a truly sold-out Pentecostal!  The waters were starting to be troubled now.  The Spirit was starting to move.

When they got to the football team, Damon Thompson told them to wait, he was coming up.  With P. C. on the left, Damon Thompson in the middle and Ronnie J. on the right, all baptizing at once, things started happening.  Damon Thompson was speaking in tongues and prophesying over the people. They started coming up healed, Spirit filled, praising God.  (Which, according to Acts 19:6 is the way that it is supposed to happen!!!!!!!!)

They were baptizing them four and six at a time, and it still went on for two and a half hours.

When Karen Wheaton’s youth Ministry, The Ramp, held their Youth Conference here in Chattanooga a Few months ago, In one weekend under Damon Thompson’s ministry, 4,000 youth got saved!!!!!!! In one weekend!!!!!!!

If you still do not bear witness that he is truly a man-of-God, even after reading this, then I strongly suggest that you:

  • Accept Jesus into your heart and get saved (see my “Ticket Out Of Hell” page for more information on this) or 
  • Get deliverance from that religious spirit  or 
  • Just get right with God.  My “Read Me” page will help with that.

Is Damon Thompson different?  Absolutely.  Is he out there?  Even for a Pentecostal, he sure is.  Is he sold out to God?  More so than any other preacher I have seen in many a year, if  ever.  And I thank God for it.  There has to be fire to spread fire!  And we surely do need some revival fires burning these days!!!!!

I hear he is coming back to town to preach again soon.  I can’t wait.  I understand that some people have had issues with him, but, now, knowing the truth,  and God willing and I get to go, maybe I will see you there, too!

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