June 17, 2012

On Dads and Fathers

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This is a re-post, but it is still soooo good!

Happy Fathers Day!


To every father out there: Thank you. Every child has a father somewhere, and without him, we would not be. That is enough to respect The Bible says that a man’s children are the arrows in his quiver, they are arrows being shot into the world (adults). For those that took their fatherly job seriously, and did their best to raise truly Godly families, this song is for you.  Along with our gratitude. Mostly, I would like to thank my Heavenly Father.  My praise, worship, fellowship, and obedience are His.  Forever.” Lisa Ritchey on Facebook

It takes a man and a woman to make a child.  Every child has a father out there somewhere.  Some say they were just sired, but without that man, they would not be.  This, in itself is enough to thank him for.

I know that there are many, many, many children out there that are so horribly abused and mistreated in so many ways by their fathers.  My heart absolutely breaks for you.  It truly does.  This is not being a man.

A man will make sure that his family feels safe and secure, that their needs are met.  There are times when this is so hard, and that is so extremely hard on a man.

I would like to address, for a moment, the familie’s role toward the father.

Did you know that the man of the house, the father, is the image of God in that home.  He has the absolute last word.  His word is law, and it is not our place to correct him.  In unison everyone: OUCH!  We are to treat him as if it were the Lord sitting in that chair in our living rooms.  This is called honor.

To truly submit and honor a man is not always easy in this day and time, especially in the Western culture.    In the sixties, we missed it somehow, and later generations have not learned this lesson.

The first law (commandment) with promise is to honor our parents.  But, that is only if you want things to go well with you.  Yes, it is the parent’s responsibility to be a person worthy of respect, and remember that people treat you the way you let them., however, if you are reading this, you are old enough to decide how you are going to act and to make the decision to honor, no matter what.

Not all fathers are Dad material, but it seems that most do try.  None are perfect, but we should see them as such.

If you have a dad that has fallen short of the mark, whatever he did, for YOUR sake, forgive him.  There is another, truly perfect father just waiting to heal the wounds, dry the tears, and show you real love, no matter what you do.  His name is Jehovah God.  He loves you so much that He sent His first born son, Jesus, to be tortured and die for you so that you can come to Him and know this limitless, boundless love.  He is just waiting for you to say that you need Him, that you want to know Him.

If this is you, just say, “Jesus, I accept what you did for me and ask that you be my Lord and Savior.  Father God, forgive me of my sins and heal the hurts in my life.  I can’t do it on my own.  I need you, God.  I love you, I thank you.  I am saved!”

If you said this prayer (Yep, that is how you pray, just talk to Him like anybody else.  It is that easy!)  Please read my “Read Me” page and send for the free information and literature.  Let me know, and I will certainly keep you in my prayers, too.

Whatever your condition or situation, it can be a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

©Copyright 2011 Lisa Ritchey


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