June 22, 2012

Be ye transformed

Posted in Christianity, Keys To The Kingdom tagged at 4:07 am by Lisa Ritchey

(I copied this picture from a friend’s facebook page, so I don’t know the original owner)

When I saw this picture, I fully understood this verse for the very first time:

Just like a butterfly, we must go through transformations.  As human beings, thanks to Adam, we begin life with the carnality of the human nature.  We give in  to the wants of our mind, our flesh, and our will.  You can be a very good person, and still be carnal!  People continue to live in this way, carnally, until they choose to come to Christ, and be transformed by the renewing of the mind through the reading of the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit in you, thus becoming truly Christ-minded.  When we become Christ-minded, we seek to do the bidding of the Father, first and foremost – no matter what.

This is very like the butterfly.  The caterpillar would represent our carnal selves.  We come to Christ and want to get away by ourselves with Him, like the Chrysalis or pupae.  When we emerge we are like the butterfly, free from the visages of this Earth: Man’s traditions and religiosity, our greedy wants and lustful desires, the oppressiveness of our feelings.  None of this matters because a true follower of Christ will choose to fast and pray and keep “the flesh” put down and walk in the leadings of the Holy Spirit.  

If you do not do these, I am not saying you will not go to Heaven, but the trip here on Earth surely will be a lot rougher!

We loudly proclaim, “HE IS WORTHY!”  But will you do the things that He has commanded all of us to do:

  • Praise-  This word is a verb, requiring physical movement.  It is not a thought or a feeling that we have.  True, Biblical praise requires singing, lifting the hands, bowing, wringing the hands, shouting, dancing, running, and acting like a lunatic.  Yep, it is all Biblically commanded.  And we are to do it in the sanctuary of the saints!  (Psalms 149, 150)
  • Worship- this is loving on Him like a dog when you first come home from work.  NOTHING else matters to that dog but you, and there is no way anyone or anything is going to draw his attention away from you.  So we should be toward our Maker.  THAT is worship!
  • Give- It is all His anyway!  There is nothing that I would not give up if He told me to.  Nothing on Earth is worth losing His glory in my life.  Been there done that and most assuredly know better now!
  • Fast
  • Pray
If we do all of these, then serving Him, in whatever means He calls us to, is our desire and we will see to it that it is done.
We may have opposition, but we shall surely overcome for when we do these things, we are made “again another vessel”*: One that looks, sounds and acts just like Him!

* Jeremiah 8:4 “And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.”


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