September 11, 2012

Where Was God on 9/11

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We Remember

We Remember (Photo credit: Justin Capolongo)

How often have you heard someone rant at G-d because of what happened on September 11, 2001?  Or because of some other incident where someone died or was injured?  Or just because something happened?

If G-d were the only power in the universe, I could see it.  Not really, because He would still be G-d, but there are other forces at work, too.

When G-d made man, He made him in His own image.  He gave man freedom to choose, though.  Our loving G-d wants our love and obedience because we want to give it, not because we have no choice.

So man’s will is a force to consider when things go wrong.  Not only do we make choices that have immediate rewards or ramifications, We make choices today whose impact will not be seen for years to come.  We have the ability to choose right from wrong, good or evil.  That is our choice.

When 9/11 happened, it was because of a choice some men made.  They made it because of the religion they followed.  It is not a religion of love, but of hate.[1]

Where was G-d on 9/11/01, though?  Did He not care what was happening?  Could He not have stopped it?  Why did He not protect all of the people who died there?

Number of people who died that day: 2,753

Number of people evacuated that day: 15, 000


Number of people who could be found inside the trade towers on any given day: 50,000.[2]

Many people avoided the tragedy because they could not find their car keys.  Some missed their bus.  Others just had this weird feeling that they should go to work via a different route, and so were late.  There are thousands and thousands of these stories.  Some are even of celebrities.

So, on 9/11, our kind, merciful, just, loving G-d was doing what he always does.

Many were not listening, but He was there.




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