September 15, 2012

re-post: How Does Your Life Look to Others?

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This is a re-post of an article I wrote to some of my beloved on Facebook:

“I am so concern about the lack of sanctification and setting ones self apart from the world that I am reading about. Some are betting (gambling!), some cursing others, some bar hopping and others are just getting drunk. I don’t want to know if any are sleeping around. But all are quoting Scriptures & giving praise. I love you, but this is just wrong!

You all should know it is wrong to get drunk on anything but the Holy Spirit, and that includes getting high, too.

And what movies/TV shows do you watch? Are they the same ones everybody else watches with the foul language, love scenes, vengeance, brutality, and anything else that goes against Scripture?

What about your language? The Bible says we are to have chaste conversations. That means very polite, clean language. Are you wishing ill on others? The Bible calls that cursing them.

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Girls, come on!!!! STOP wearing those low and behold outfits. Cut down to there and up to here. What God gave you is for your husband, not everyone else to see. You deserve more respect than that, from yourselves as well as others.  You are better than that.

We also need to be aware of our witness. A reputation, once tarnished, is most often never really cleaned up.

What it boils down to is we have got to get ready for Jesus to come back.  Soon.

The Bible says to come out from among the world, and be ye separate from it.

What is different in what you eat, drink, watch, listen to, wear, places you go, things you do, say, etc. than the heathen down the street? You shout hallelujah, sing praise songs, and maybe even raise your hands in church. You quote Scripture.  But to you, is He worthy of the price of Sanctification: seeking to live Holy before our Holy God?

I am not “fussing at” those that do not know better, but at those that have been teaching Sanctification for so long, but are no longer living it. If one truly has the Holy Ghost in him/her, He will agree that it is time to stop these things.

NEVER let man-with his legalism and tradition and religiosity- bring you under condemnation. Listen for the Holy Spirit to bring you under conviction. Just make sure that you hear Him!

You don’t know until you hear. So, now you have heard. Be prepared for conviction, people! lol  I love you or I wouldn’t care.

I am sending this to some, because they would be blessed hearing someone talking about this again.

You will have to decide if that is you or if you are doing any of the above.

All really was said with love! As ever, Mom”


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