February 15, 2013

During this season of showing love, do we? Where it counts? O.U.C.H!!!!

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What would you have done?

I absolutely love this blog and follow daily via her rss feed. Kristen is one that truly tries to live it. This family is making a difference.

And so can we.

Even if in a very small way.

It still counts.

Every single person that is touched by the love of Christ is important.  Not just for them, but also for the kingdom.  Sharing love has a ripple effect:  When you give, they give, and the ones that receive it from them give, and it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

That is how G-d intended it to be.

Poster art for "Amazing Grace."

That is why one person can change the world. (And I am talking about people like you and I!)  Case in point: Wilbur Wilburforce.  One single man stopped slavery in all of Europe.   GREAT movie, just get the one with the red-headed woman on the cover.  MAKE SURE it is this one:

Anyway, I digress.  HERE is Kristen’s article.

Let me (and Kristen!) know what you think.


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