April 13, 2013

What Kind of People Are We Raising Our Kids To Be?

Posted in Christianity, End Times/Last Days tagged , , , , , , , at 3:52 pm by Lisa Ritchey

I am sick.  Just absolutely sick.  Read this to see why.

When will people (and by that I mean parents) get their heads out of the clouds (or sand, whichever) and see that 2 + 2 sometimes really does =4. Whatever we see and hear as we are raised becomes acceptable to us.  This includes the behaviors in movies and video games!!!!!!!  How do I know?  Because playing video games like these is how our military desensitize soldiers to killing.

WHY would any person who calls themselves a parent , even if it is only for the sake of face value, buy a movie that shows or a game which has the child’s character performing acts that are so abhorrent?  AND THEN THEY WONDER WHY THEIR KIDS GO OUT AND STEAL AND RAPE!?!?!?!?!?!?!  When they put a rating on these things, it is for a reason!

If you tell your child, “NO!  We do not watch/play/listen to that stuff in this house, and here is why!”  that they will not be scarred at all, much less for life.  In fact, what you will be doing is creating character and morals in your child. Like I said, I know.  Our son is now 25, has never been arrested, never gotten into trouble with a girl, and is a really cool guy.  He has his faults, to be sure, but they certainly are not serious or character flaws.  In fact, I am so extremely proud of him.  He doesn’t embarrass himself, his family, or his G-d.

You can truly be a good parent and have children that live mature, giving, productive, happy lives.

REAL parenting: It is not easy and takes guts, but it can be done.  I only wish more parents would do it, and would stop trying being their kids friends.



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