July 18, 2013

Don’t Believe They Are Already Working On A One-World-Order and One-World-Religion? Then Read This

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You can read the whole article here:

Justice Dept.: Anti-Homeschool Law Aids Tolerance

Did you notice that Obama’s brief

“argues that Germany’s laws forbidding homeschooling actually promote tolerance. The U.S. Justice Department defends Germany’s opposition to religious “parallel societies.”

The government’s pleading read, “The goal in Germany is for an ‘open, pluralistic society.'”

pluralism: 4 a : a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization

: a concept, doctrine, or policy advocating this state*


What our American President is saying is that he agrees with Germany that by homeschooling their children and teaching them Christian morals and values the Romeikes are promoting division instead of tolerance and acceptance, beliefs other than what the government wants them to believe.

Regardless that the German government is targeting Christians in particular, THEY, the Romeikes are in the wrong?

People, we are well on our way to the end.  The world is not going to wake up one morning and be in the middle of the Great Tribulation; it is building up to that state.  And it is building now.  And has been for decades.

This is just another step toward that world state.

Let’s not forget the rains causing flooding in the midwest where much of our food is grown, or the droughts they suffer also.  Food prices are going up considerably this year.  Prepare now.

The people were prepared when the famines came to Egypt; they had stored up for seven years beforehand.[1]  We don’t have seven years, but we can do what we can do:

  • Buy extra canned and dried goods and put them back.
  • Grow and can/dry what you can.
  • Do what you can afford to do to have a store for hard times.

This is really just common sense.  We, none of us, know when a job will end, illness or injury will hit, etc., etc., etc.

We can see what is happening in the world and should prepare for the hard times the Bible tells us are coming.

Can we pray against it?  You can, but remember that these things must happen.  And they will, whether we pray or not.

So, what do we, as believers, do?

Make sure you are ready spiritually, physically, and with supplies.

I am not trying to be an extremist, but when the facts keep hitting you in  the face, they are hard to deny.  And I don’t want these things to hit and me not have warned you.

This is the time to prepare for the future and what we know will come.

I’m just sayin’ yall!

This was just posted on CBN website
German Authorities Snatch Homeschool Children in ‘Brutal and Vicious Act’
Yes, this home was burst into by 20 Social Workers and armed policemen with the four children, ages 7-14, being ripped from the home.
Their big crime?

Judge Koenig, a Darmstadt family court judge, signed the order citing…the parents’ failure to cooperate “with the authorities to send the children to school,” 

 “In October 2012, state youth officials had been granted formal legal custody of the Wunderlich children by a German court based solely on the fact that the family was homeschooling. “

Homeschooling.  That was it.  The parents were homeschooling their children and by doing so, were forming subversives that would obey the law, be kind to others, help heal the world, and show others the love of Christ.

How horrible that must seem to them.  Just imagine what this world would be like if this became the norm.  Shocking

So, it is actually happening.  In this “enlightened” era.  But, notice, only to Christians.

And what does that say about this ol’ world we live in today?

[1] Genesis 41:35


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