July 29, 2013

You gotta get One!

Posted in Praise tagged , , , , , , , , , at 12:17 pm by Lisa Ritchey

I don’t believe that I have ever recommended a particular item to be purchased before, but I feel I must now.

This is Jay Craig.  I have the extreme honor and pleasure of actually knowing this man.  He is so humble!  I have seen him singing, being recorded for international t.v., and he was totally oblivious to it.  When he sings, it is only to G-d.  We just happen to be there to hear it.

And I can not write this without adding that his wife, Denise, is very special to me, also.  They are both just amazing people.

If you want to get into some deep worship, he will lead you there.  I have his cd, Here to Worship and strongly recommend everyone else to get it, too.


Here is the link to order it.


The songs on it are

  • Flow
  • End Of The Beginning
  • Pour My Love On You
  • Be Still And Know
  • Back In His Arms Again
  • You Raise Me Up
  • Evermore
  • Here I Am To Worship
  • I Can Only Imagine
  • No More Night

Have a hankie on hand and be ready for the L–d to do a work in you as you listen to these and go deeper into His presence. Price is $14.95 U.S.


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