August 25, 2013

How In The World Did We Get To This Point?

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U.S Postage Stamp, 1957

Christian Photographer Loses Gay Wedding Case – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

Please note up front:  I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE.  i AM NOT AGAINST GAYS.  I AM, LIKE MS. HUGUENIN: A BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN WHO BELIEVES HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG.  Homosexuality is wrong, but the homosexuals are to be loved.  “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

Here is the long and the short of this article as reported by CBN News:

The New Mexico Supreme Court has ruled against a Christian photographer who turned down a job shooting a same-sex wedding because of her religious beliefs.

In a unanimous decision handed down Thursday, the court said the refusal violated the state’s Human Rights Act, stating there’s a “price” to pay for faith that involves “compromising” one’s beliefs.

It rejected arguments that the law violated Elaine Huguenin’s free exercise of religion. Huguenin, who runs Elane Photography, had refused to do the ceremony in 2006 because it went against her beliefs.

She was not trying to stop the wedding.  She simply could not in good conscience be a participant in it, which they wanted to hire her to do.  This is not like segregation where blacks had to use a separate entrance, if admitted at all.  This was a wedding that Ms. Huguenin’s religion teaches is morally wrong.

So this is really a religious issue, not a human rights issue.

And look who won.

What this boils down to is that we, as Christians have no freedom of religion.  Apparently we:

  • can be forced to do that which the Bible says is (and we see as) morally wrong
  • can not stand up for ourselves without having to spend a fortune (legal costs)

Where were Huguenin’s rights?

Christian, Muslim. Hindu, Jew, we have the right to choose not to be a participant in an event that we believe is morally wrong.

Oops!  I was wrong.  Well, at least it used to be.


America.  What have we fallen to?


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