August 27, 2013

Am I The Only One Stumped By This?

Posted in Christianity, Right and Wrong tagged , , , , , , , at 5:00 am by Lisa Ritchey

I so don’t get it.

Pro-abortion advocates claim that a fetus is not viable, so it is not a living being.

viable: : capable of living; especially : having attained such form and development as to be normally capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb <a viable fetus>

Question: If it is not a living being, why do they have to kill it (using extremely painful methods.  Which it does feel, by the way.) before removing it?


Why, then is it double murder to kill a pregnant woman?

This makes no sense to me.  But, such is government.

I’m Just sayin’!

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[*] Mariam Webster Dictionary Online


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