February 12, 2014

Direct TV Drops Inspiration Network

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Make your voice and your choice heard. Here’s how you can help:
1. Call DIRECTV at the toll-free number: 1-844-GET-INSP (1-844-438-4677)
2. Fill out the petition on the right

Family values are a part of what makes America great. INSP celebrates those values with programming that promotes families, honors veterans and captures the American spirit. It is this commitment to families and veterans that has enabled INSP to become one of the fastest growing networks in America.

Even though INSP has higher ratings than at least half of the other networks carried by DIRECTV, DIRECTV has decided to drop INSP. If family programming is important to you, call DIRECTV today and demand DIRECTV return INSP and its values-based programming to their line-up.

DIRECTV update:

On February 1, 2014, DIRECTV removed INSP from their line-up. INSP is offered free to TV providers and doesn’t add one single penny to your monthly satellite bill. Even though INSP is offered free, DIRECTV raised your rates due to increased programming charges. For perspective, 96% of the 197 networks measured in the industry receive a license fee. INSP is one of the very few (4%) that doesn’t charge a license fee.

You’re the customer and you deserve to have the programming you ask for. Demand DIRECTV keep their promise to you!

Here are the facts:

  • DIRECTV raised your rates due to increased programming charges.
  • The President of DIRECTV told subscribers, “We work extremely hard each day to deliver the best possible service and keep your monthly costs down. One of the ways we can do that is to negotiate a lower rate for an existing channel or replace that channel with a better alternative at a lower cost.”
  • INSP is doing our part to help DIRECTV keep its promise by being FREE.
  • INSP is the perfect solution to customers who want good family programming and DIRECTV who wants to control costs.

Demand DIRECTV keep their promise to you and add INSP back![1]

All that is required is your name, e-mail and zip code.  Here is the link to the petition.

Let your voice be heard.  Two minutes of your time is all it will take to make a difference.  Won’t you please help?

Thank you.

Here is the link to all the programs available via Insp.



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