December 3, 2014

Who is Responsible For Your Choices? Is G-d In Control, Or Are YOU? Hmmm!

Posted in Christianity at 5:41 pm by Lisa Ritchey

Right here let me say that He is G-d and He can do whatever He chooses.   W H A T E V E R.  He is all-knowing, all-seeing, and omnipresent. He is G-d.  And Jesus is L–d!
Now, with that said…
I have a problem with the notion that G-d is in control.
Before you boil the tar and get the feathers out, read this to the end.
Why do I have a problem with this?
  1. Yep, He knows all, but we are given free will.
    • When He created man, he gave him dominion over the Earth.  That put man in charge here.
  2. We get to choose “blessings or curses, life or death” according to Deuteronomy 30;19.
    • This means that it is up to us to choose.
    • He allows us to make the choice to obey and be blessed, or not and be cursed.
    • It is our choice to make, and He will honor the choice we make.
    • We choose the reward/consequences that go with our choice as well.
  3. He knows the end from the beginning, but He allows us to decide what happens in between.
  4. If He was in control, everyone would always be saved.
    • If He was in control, His will would ALWAYS be done.  But it’s not.
    • He would love to be in control by telling us what He wants, and us doing it.
    • Alas, we are human and get to choose for ourselves.
    • His will is for everyone to always obey
    • I can look at my life and see the times I did not obey, and what happened because of that choice.
      • He told me/us to do something but we chose not to or to do something else
      • July 6, 2009 is a PERFECT example:  We were going to the store and to do some running around.  While getting ready it came to me very strongly to do something.  We decided to do it later, after we got back.  I fell in some stuff on the floor in Wal-Mart that day.  They refuse to pay for anything so 5 1/2 years later I am still very couch-bound and in almost constant pain.
    • This tells us that His will is not always done, negating His control over us.
  5. He orders our steps, but we must choose to go that way.  Or not.
    • That is totally up to us!
    • If He was truly in charge of our every move, we would simply be human robots.  And we’re not!
  6. I have found that many people hang on to this ideology in order to avoid having to take responsibility for their choices

Is G-d in control?  I certainly don’t see it.  He can change men’s hearts and make them want to do the right thing.  He did with the King Cyrus in Ezra 3 and Nehemiah got to rebuild the wall of the city.  With the King’s supplies, even!

I know I do not always choose wisely which is why I am sooooo grateful for Mercy and grace!

Hmm.  Do you think, since He sees the end from the beginning, He put them in place because He knew we would not always follow His will?

Now, that is a thought!

So, are you willing to take responsibility for the wrong choices that you have made, and for what happened because of  it?

He already has our hut-ohs covered.  Jesus took care of that on the cross.

The only thing it will hurt is your pride.

OoooH!  Did I just go there? Sure did!

Iiii’m juuuust sayin’!

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